My Story begins circa 1995. I was five years old and had an idealistic imagination. I was never into dolls but more so action figures and toy cars. The figures had a persona, things to do and a way to get around town (aka the carpet), but they had no where to live. I had a great idea of making them all homes. Doll houses in the 1990s were way above my five year old budget. Searching around the house I stumbled upon my parents closet with unused shoe boxes. I grabbed some scissors and tape and began making my first physical model. What started as a box transformed into a 3D model with windows and openings, doors and furniture all made of cardboard.

Five years later the first SIMS came out in February 2000. A good friend was kind enough to let me test out the CD. It gave the user the ability to create characters and build houses, add furniture and use materials. I admit I would play this computer game for 8 hours at a time.

Continuing to high school, I took up a hand drafting course as an elective.  We started out using  the mechanical pencils that push out a large piece of lead on vellum. I even got to work the blueprinting machine. Drafting II was the first time I’ve ever used AutoCad. The experience was irreplaceable, as this is what I would continue doing the rest of my life.

Graduating college in 2013 with a Bachelor of arts in Interior Design was then, my greatest achievement. The first in my family to receive a degree. This was later superseded by acquiring my first entry level designer position at a high end modern architectural/interior design firm specializing in custom homes. After four years of a remarkable experience, I became pregnant with my first son, Jax Logan.

With this new chapter in my life, I felt like it was time for a change. I continued my journey on to a well known commercial architecture firm located in North Jersey.  The amount of detail put into every project taught me more than I could’ve imagined. On the other hand I quickly realized that strictly architecture firms may not be for an interior designer like me.  My new mission was to take the creativity of my old firm and the technical education of my recent firm and combined them into an innovative design firm that really encompasses a client’s needs, functionality and a full understanding of the project from beginning to end. 


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Our studio is a diverse, fun and motivated group of individuals working toward the same goal of providing you with our best efforts and our full attention. Call today!


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